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The 65+ marketplace is a blue ocean of opportunity...Trust is key to navigation!

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Improve Credibility

Senior living communities are looking for vetted businesses and services to refer to their residents without risk.

Accelerate Client Trust

Leverage our hard-won trust and momentum.  When our Clients ask, we want to recommend you in confidence.

Focus on Value

Imagine a sales call where the client already trusts the value of what you can do for them...Let's just talk timing.

How We "Verify" Your Business


By submitting your key documents for review annually, you open the door to dozens of area partners.  ($50 annual Application Fee and monthly subscription required)

Step 2:  LEARN

Our overview of the Transition with Intent® method will help you determine how and when your services fit with the client's needs. It will move you from a vendor to a professional.

Step 3:  You Share

By displaying your "VERIFIED" plaque and online badge, you communicate to our communities that you stand accountable to a level of transparency, service, quality and safety. 

Step 4:  We Share

In addition to a SeniorMoves.org online presence, our Advocates get to know your products, services and onboarding requirements and find the right time to personally introduce you to our clients. These connections along with the Transition with Intent® method put you in a position to succeed. 

Don't Get Stuck Waiting...

Paying for dead-end leads in a race to the lowest price is just CRAZY! Join the team building bridges between clients and your services


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